Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eric rocks the third grade

Eric gave a talk this week on sustainable biofuels to some elementary school students, and got some rave reviews from the teacher and volunteer coordinator, excerpted below. Their feedback was very kind, and nice for DBI to hear. Great job Eric!!! (I sense that he had as much fun as any of the students.)
  • "The students loved it"
  • "...said it was amazing"
  • "They particularly liked looking at and smelling the waste cooking oil and the refined biofuel that it was turned into."
  • "The algae farm sparked their imaginations"
  • "Your videos were informative and the perfect length for their attention spans."
  • "You were very patient with their many questions and spoke to the children as if they were adults, which they really appreciated."
  • "We are so grateful for your talk and for the work you are doing with alternative energy."
  • "The students loved it, and ... kept referring back to the things they learned later in the day."
  • "It's so good for kids to see the things that are being done to better the environment, and also to see some of the options, career-wise, found in various areas!"