Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who's who post #3: Dave Conz

At the risk of interrupting the flow of Eric's story, let me add another in the planned series of "who's who" posts.

Dave Conz is a professor at ASU, where he is core faculty in the Interdisciplinary Studies program and affiliated with the Center for Nanotechnology in Society and the Biodesign Institute. He's also a particularly experienced and sophisticated biodiesel homebrewer, and an expert on the history and sociology of the biodiesel homebrew movement. His Ph.D. dissertation “Citizen Technoscience: Amateur Networks in the International Grassroots Biodiesel Movement” provides a fascinating and very readable account of his personal biodiesel experience (in addition to deep sociological analysis). His short article "The Beautiful Smell of French Fries" (pdf) is a must-read as an introduction to biodiesel and some of the obstacles that must be overcome in order for biodiesel to thrive.

[Post edited by Brad 9/17/08 to remove link to outdated article. I'll also use the opportunity to report that DBI's relationship with Dave has deepened since our original post, and we're very pleased to count Dave among our key strategic advisors. We're still working on trying to convince him to guest blog and provide some of his always-trenchant insights about biofuels in this forum. :-)]

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