Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to the Desert Biofuels Initiative blog!

Our goal with this blog is compile news stories and other information that is directly relevant to the development of biofuels in the Phoenix/Valley of the Sun area and throughout Arizona. We don't intend this as a general biofuel blog. We'll also provide commentary at times, but we're hopeful that the information compilation function alone will be valuable.

Our efforts to date have largely focused on biodiesel, and biodiesel will likely be a primary focus of the blog at least initially. We intend to cover other relevant biofuels developments as well, however.

Over the next several weeks we'll roll out a series of "who's who" posts, identifying some of the key players in biofuels in the region. We'll also share a backlog of interesting news stories that we've been accumulating.

We very much welcome input! Eric can be contacted at; Brad at

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