Thursday, January 31, 2008

First and only e85 pump in the Valley

We stopped by Western States Petroleum today (Eric filled his truck with B99) and got a look at the Valley's first and only e85 pump. WSP also is the site of the Valley's only B99 (99% biodiesel) pump. WSP's fuel doesn't fit the "local biofuel" model that we champion (it's soy and corn based, and shipped in from the midwest), but they nonetheless deserve major kudos for being a biofuels pioneer in the Valley and for meeting the critically important "running code" test.

Here's a photo of the e85 pump:

One of the WSP workers said that Super Bowl-related vehicles had been funneling through regularly filling up with e85. Kudos on this front to WSP, Fox Sports and the Tucson Clean Cities Coalition. From a TCCC press release:

...Tucson Clean Cities Coalition at Pima Association of Governments is assisting FOX Sports with securing hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) for use both internally by FOX, as well as by designated VIPs during Super Bowl XLII festivities in the Phoenix area. FFVs can run on either gasoline or alternative fuel blends, including up to 85 percent ethanol (E85). FOX Sports executives will drive hybrid SUVs and flex-fuel vehicles throughout Super Bowl week...

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