Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting the bug

After I obtained girl Mark's book I started making test batches of biodiesel. Now producing a liter or two of biodiesel from Safeway-bought canola oil is one thing, but producing WVO-based biodiesel presented some new challenges. First, I had to find some WVO...

My wife, Dorothy Johnson, co-owns a poster and framing shop in Scottsdale called posters mostly. A few doors down is an Italian deli called Guido's. Hey, I thought, Guido's sells broasted chicken! Since Dorothy and Joe have been business neighbors for over 25 years, I figured I had a reasonable chance of scoring some used fryer oil.

Fortunately for me Joe uses relatively little oil every week, so he didn't have a need for a dumpster-style collection container. He simply returned the used oil to the 5 gal plastic carboys and disposed of them. I explained what I was attempting, offered to take the carboys, and he was more than happy to let me have them.

In the meantime I was assembling parts from Ace Hardware, Lowe's, and various Internet vendors into what I hoped was a reasonable facsimile of a biodiesel processor. About this time I also made contact with Dynamite Biofuels and met Gene and Jay. For our first meeting I brought a 10 gallon WVO icebreaker with me, (2) 5 gallon carboys filled with WVO, my donation to the cause. We spent the next several hours talking about their setup and biofuels generally.

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