Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who's who post #4: Ken Costello

Ken Costello leads a sustainability group at Mesa Community College and maintains a biodiesel page on small scale biodiesel production here. Ken and his brother Jerry have been teaching Community Ed classes on small-scale production; many of their previous students are making biodiesel for their vehicles. Jerry coordinated a Biodiesel Interest Group that has met in the East Valley.

Ken also teaches a chemistry class at Chandler-Gilbert Community College that addresses biodiesel and other environmental issues.

As Eric and I have been making the rounds, we've been thrilled with the level of interest various ASU entities have shown in biofuels. In many ways, however, the community colleges are even better positioned to have an immediate, practical impact on local biofuel development in the Valley. We're hopeful that MCC will expand its biofuel efforts and continue to be a leader among the Valley community colleges. Go Ken!

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