Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sam is back!

We're thrilled that Sam West has rejoined us, stepping back into his role as our part-time executive director. Sam initially joined us in 2008 as a third year law student; after graduation he took on a leadership role for DBI, managing several key projects. As we noted then, Sam brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the table for DBI, drawing from his experiences as a civil engineer, his MBA and law degrees, and his leadership experience associated with his serving on submarines and other roles as an officer in the Navy.

For the past year Sam has been serving the United States in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. He notes:
Kunar is a busy province in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan on the Pakistan border. I was the executive officer of a Provincial Reconstruction Team. Our three major lines of effort were governance, reconstruction and security for the Afghan people. I saw much progress while I was there. We were able to help bring infrastructure to a war-torn province where only several years ago there were no paved roads or power. From our assistance, we were able to see private business and markets within the province almost double over the year. The great news is we were able to start programs that encouraged sustainable development. This included agricultural programs, hydro-electric plants, wind and solar power. We also invested in the future of Afghan children by building over 50 schools in the province. While there is still much more to be done, we had a successful year and we were able to meet and help a great group of people. Although I enjoyed hiking through the mountains of Afghanistan, I think I am easily going to get used to the car again. I am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone and moving forward with our biofuel projects.
We're extraordinarily proud of Sam for his selfless service, very pleased that he is home safe and sound, and excited to continue working with him on our DBI projects. Sam can be contacted at