Saturday, October 11, 2008

Almost there!

It was with a real sense of excitement that Brad and I ventured out to the new home of AZ Biodiesel in Gilbert this Saturday (Oct 11). Having moved twice in the last six months, AZ Biodiesel has faced daunting challenges to get to the point they are now: nearly ready to begin full-scale production of B100 (100% biodiesel) made from recycled restaurant grease.

Dan Rees and his son Richie gave us a tour of their new facility, and we spent a couple hours discussing the numerous obstacles they've had to overcome, and some they still face, to get their business off the ground.

Their test batches are dialed, and except for a few new (and rather esoteric) testing requirements, they will be ready to begin selling to the public very soon.

AZ Biodiesel is really the best example we have of the community-based commercial model of local biofuels that DBI is championing: local restaurants giving their grease to a local company, which in turn makes ASTM-spec fuel to be sold locally. Environmentally and economically: what a huge win for our community.

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