Friday, February 19, 2010

Waste-based biofuels efforts in AZ

This issue warrants a more expansive post, but the addition of Tuscon-based EDG to the mix (see Biofuels Digest's Feb. 19th article "EDG to launch 1.5 Mgy waste based biodiesel plant in Arizona") makes a total of at least four companies in AZ focused on waste grease-based biofuel production. The others include AZ Biodiesel, Amereco and AZ Green Dining Network. (The website of Mountain Biofuel in Flagstaff reports that it is currently not operating.)

Additionally, the member-driven Dynamite Biofuels Co-op in Cave Creek is going strong.

Waste oil-based biofuels just make sense. We applaud the efforts of all of these organizations. Please give them your support!

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Eric Johnson said...

A January 17 newsletter from Jay states that Dynamite Biofuels Co-op may be idle for a bit. They have problems with their processor that will be difficult/expensive to fix. Bummer.