Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intel-ASU algae CO2 capture project

Intel Corporation and Arizona State University have completed the initial phase of a project called "(Towards) Zero Emission Fabs." The project, funded by a grant from Intel's Sustainability in Action program, explores two research questions: (1) can algae be grown using the CO2 from Intel factory boiler stack emissions, and (2) if yes, how would this kind of CO2 capture be counted or credited under different regulatory regimes? The video below provides an informal summary of the project results to date. (To be clear: this is not a DBI project; we are just reporting on it here. Brad from DBI is involved with the project wearing his "day job" hat as an Intel employee; Sam West of DBI participated as a member of the project's extended team.)

The team has made other material available as well:
  • Some raw video of the proof-of-concept implementation is here.
  • Every video segment shot, showing the proof-of-concept implementation in detail, is cataloged here.
  • Every still photo shot is here (the collection of still photos is limited; the video segments are more comprehensive).
  • A 1-pager summarizing the Kyoto Protocol research is here (author: Chris Baker)
  • A 1-pager summarizing the EU Emissions Trading System is here. (author: Ismail Aliyev)
  • A 1-pager summarizing the EPA Greehouse Gas regulations is here (author: Chris Thiele)
  • A 1-pager summarizing volutary carbon trading markets in the U.S. is here (author: Adam Neville)
  • The poster the team presented in connection with the Algal Biomass Organization's national conference is here.
The material created to date is fairly raw and informal; more polished material will be made available in due course.

For more information about the project, contact John McGowen or Brad Biddle.

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Mindy Luce said...

Brad, I enjoyed the video you posted of your Intel-ASU project. Is Intel expanding on this idea? Overall, great job and great website. I hope you don't mind, but I will mention you in my blog.