Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AZ Biodiesel Regulatory Environment white paper

We're very pleased to announce that "version 1.0" of our DBI white paper Arizona Biodiesel Regulatory Environment is available for download in a number of different formats, linked from our DBI home page at http://desertbiofuels.org, under the "Key 2008 Projects" header. The HTML version is here.

Deep thanks and kudos to author Sam West, who did an amazing job pulling the paper together.

Thanks as well to AZ Biodiesel, whose generous support of the ASU Technology Ventures Clinic helped make the paper possible.

We expect that the white paper will be a living document that will be revised regularly. The information in the document is not comprehensive or complete, but in the spirit of running code our hope is that it can serve as a starting point for deeper discussions among the AZ biofuels community.

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