Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Torrey Kolesar joining DBI

Another piece of exciting news for DBI (in addition to the release of our regulatory white paper) is that Torrey Kolesar will be joining us as an intern this summer. Torrey is a junior in ASU's Barrett Honors College, where he is studying chemical engineering and finance. Torrey was part of a groundbreaking effort in Ghana, Africa to develop a biofuel infrastructure based on Jatropha feedstocks, and is co-author of a biofuels wiki hosted by ASU. We're thrilled to have Torrey on board.

Torrey will be leading a project to assess the current state of biofuels feedstocks in Arizona. The goal of the project is to analyze WVO, agricultural and algae feedstocks, assessing issues such as current market structure, supply/demand, costs, and feasibility. Our plan is to publish the results of Torrey's research as a white paper, and to host a meeting at ASU SkySong in the early fall where Torrey can present and discuss his results with interested parties.

We're also hoping that Torrey will contribute to this blog, and envision that he'll participate in some of the other projects we have underway.

Torrey can be contacted by email at torrey@desertbiofuels.org.

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James said...

Welcome Torrey!