Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amereco selling WVO bio in the Valley

James Towner over at http://azsustainability.com/ is reporting that Amereco is also now selling WVO biodiesel in the Valley, at Western States Petroleum in downtown Phoenix.

Unfortunately there is still no mention of it on either the Amereco or WSP websites, but local reporter Daniel Burnette has also confirmed the availability of Amereco's biodiesel at WSP via an article he published last week in the Phoenix Business Journal.


James said...

WSP mailed many of their bio customers letting them know that they were switching to WVO biodiesel. They even hand wrote a note to everyone. Got to love that personal touch!

Eric Johnson said...

Is that "switching to WVO biodiesel" or adding WVO biodiesel? My understanding was that they are still selling soy biodiesel from the midwest.