Saturday, November 22, 2008


We're in the process of re-launching our website and incorporating this blog into our site, and thus have been holding off on creating much new material on the blog hosted here. In the interim, though, I wanted to touch quickly on a few miscellaneous items:
  • We're thrilled to have Dave Conz doing some guest blogging with us. Our original "who's who" post on Dave is here.
  • The EPA released a new study "Environmental Laws Applicable to Construction and Operation of Biodiesel Production Facilities," found here. (hat tip: Gerry Darosa)
  • AZ Biodiesel's launch, and the sale of Amerco biodiesel at Western States Petroleum, is a Huge Friggin' Deal for those of us focused on sustainable regional biofuels in AZ. These two developments combined are really momentous.
  • We're looking forward to working with the new City of Phoenix task force on biodiesel homebrew safety. AZ Republic article here.
  • Anybody out there on Twitter? I was initially skeptical, but have been enjoying it recently. Many (well, some) of my posts are biofuels-related, if anyone is interested.
  • We had the great pleasure and privilege of speaking at the AZ Entrepreneurship Conference this past week. An amazing conference and fantastic group of people -- our deep thanks to the organizers for the opportunity.
  • Lastly, here's a photo of the AZ Biodiesel pump (taken this morning):

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