Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dream Car

Last week, after years of searching, I bought my dream car. It is a 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300CD Turbodiesel coupe in Anthracite Gray. The turbo coupes have been in high demand in recent years for several reasons. First, they are the best looking diesel coupes ever imported into the US (The Isuzu Imark and the ultra rare Jetta coupe are the only others I know of), and the turbos were only available from 1982-1985. Second, they look really cool due, in part, to the lack of B pillars (when all the windows are down there are no vertical obstructions, contributing to a sleek look). Third, they are very durable. Mine has over 205,000 miles on it (my '79 300SD has 274,000 and is still going strong) and has been equipped with a Lovecraft WVO system. More next time.


Dennis said...

Rad I love it! I'm gonna have to look up a picture of the front end. What kind of power did those have?

Eric Johnson said...

Dave, great to see your post! Thanks!

Here's my dream car of the moment:

James said...

Nice find Dave!

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